Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm kexan part II

hai selamat malam ^^
so semalam, aku ada public speaking kat KEX. tak tau kex tu ape? klik SINI !
for the first time public speaking. haha. kan aku dah cakap, aku ni memang jarang bercakap kat depan. tak berapa minat. biasalah, semua manusia ada kekurangan masing-masing. ye dak? 

ni gambar budak laki group aku. gambar budak perempuan takde. 
sebab camera man amik gambar budak laki je =.= hampehh
semua pakai smart2 time ni. selalunya selekeh jee. huahua :p
ni list tajuk yang kitorang dapat :
1- soft skills and hard skills.
2. Islamophobia
3. why we should die for our country
4. stress and anger management.
5. career choice - parents, passion or money
6. proud to be malaysian (+)
7. proud to be malaysian (-)
8. how to overcome culture shock
9. things that can kill passion
10. trying to bring out the best in me.
 ada 10 tajuk semua.
jadi aku dapat tajuk 'ISLAMOPHOBIA' untuk public speaking tu. mula-mula tu macam terkejut la jugak sebab aku tak tau ape pasal tajuk tuu. so malam tu aku cari kat Google, alhamdulillah aku dah paham.
ni speech aku. saje nak share ngan korang pasal maksud Islamophobia tu ^^
act, aku translate from page melayu. then aku translate ke BI. haha. thanks alot. 
credit to : sini, sini dan sini! :D 
           A very good morning to Sis Marina and fellow friends. My name is Nur Alin Afina Bt Rosdi.  My kex number is 16.  My former school is Maahad Perempuan Kota Bharu. My father’s name is Rosdi B. Mohd Zin. He works as a media officer at IPG. My mother’s name is Zakina Bt Harun. She works as a teacher at SMK Zainab 2. My future plan is I’d like to be an engineer.  Before I begin my speech I would like to respect, thank and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land upon which we meet.

In this speech I will be talking to you about the topic given, islamophobia. Perhaps we heard about the word ‘’Islamophobia” in the western media which is dedicated to the westerner who is allergic to Islam. The feeling of Islamophobia culminate around the 2000s after the attacks on the world Tade Center in New York on 11 September 2001.

So have you been heard about what is Islamophobia means? The definition of Islamophobia provided by Umut Topcuoglu is, Islamophobia is a contempory  form or racist and xenophobia motivated by unfounded fear, mistrust, and hatred of muslims and islam. Islamophobia is also manifested through intolerance, discrimination, unequal treatment, prejudice, stereotyping, hostility, and adverse public discourse. Differentiating from classical racism and xenophobia. Islamophobia is mainly based on stigmatization of a religion and its followers and as such, Islamophobia is an affront to the human rights and dignity of muslims. In short, Islamophobia is a hatred or fear of islam or muslims, especially as a political force.

From the post on 11 September, which was the unbelieving issue to muslims. They state that Islam is terrorist, Islam is extremist, Islam is fundemantalist, Islam is ortodhox, Islam is also a religious fanatism. These days, muslim in Malaysia continued to be drifted by hedonisme. This lead to dull of sensitivity by the muslims themselves. Today, we could see many issues concerning apostasy such as Lina Joy, IFC and Sister in Islam which one of the parasites created by the jews and zionis to undermine Islamic rule.

The spreading of negative news about Islam to non-muslims resulting them to become more pessimic towards Islam and their practicioners. Non-muslims were instigated that muslim or Islam themselves as religion of terrorism such as hudud as cruel and contradicts with human rights. I’d love to point out that they are literally non-muslims, so naturally they are one even since the Prophet Muhammad Pbuh’s epoch, but I’d like to draw your attention to our own people, that is purely on Islam, which tones of there sins had been crawling through there whole entire life, how about them? Well my point of view is that I’m pretty sure that these great viruses spread all the way to our innocent country probably because of our nation commander that fancies so much of the usage of the ‘religion tag’, just simply to prisonize ones that are not on their path of walk of their politics authorities.

It’s another possibilities that these unseen viruses also had been spreading due to religious people that loves to punish innocent souls first, without giving maximum education first among the community on the rasionality of doing so. For instance, id there had been heard any voices of questioning, then it is strictly answered with really strict statements just like ‘’do not defy islam’’, ‘’there’s limit in our patients’’ nor even ‘’we’re ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Islam’’ and so on. This is the major mistake in the strategies of spreading da’wah for people who would even accept such pressure who would even acdept things that seems like a massive killing spree.

Thanks to Almighty, thanks to this Islamophobia, western society has opened up what is islam actually. Thank you Bush, syukran Chenny, kamsahamnida Rice, Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the earth. However, this phobia disease is like the H1N1 virus, spread from country to another country. The cause maybe different, but the symptom is just same. Those who are exposed to this virus is very taboo when they heard araboc words like syariad, hudud and qisas.

Even though most of them are among the professional and educated but unfortunarely, their brains are not hugh to study about the matter. Likewise, kartikas’s case and banning alcohol are two clear examples of how scared they are to islam. If they review in detail about what goes and methods of this sentence, they would have more open minded and consider theses things much better than what they are adore from the west there.

So, muslims should take pro-active steps to explain to those who `did not understand’ the wisdom behind this implementation islam is. How it is implemented and what is its advantages compared to western organization. By doing this, they will more understand the beauty and comprehensiveness of islam.

Umar says: ‘islam will be unraveled from a person at the fact he did not know ignorance.’ Let's make a stand. It's up to you, me, and up to the future generations of Indigenous people to make a difference to this country.
So don't stand around, stand up and make a difference in your community,
in your state and in our country.
Thank you for listening. It has be both a privilege and a pleasure to speak
and share with you.


okay. so hari ni post mortem pasal public speaking semalam. kak marina kritik sorang sorang ah tadi. haha. so kitorang kena terima je. nama pon belajar kan. 
so ni ayat kak marina untuk aku "looks up, but focus more on texts
haha. yes, indeed. mengaku sangat :p
k that's all for tonight. esok ada assignment baru! encyclopedia ! :D
will update next time. see ya


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