Thursday, December 6, 2012

Segmen Tanya Dan Jawab by YA

Hello. tadi time blogwalking, i found a segmen. so i joined it :D wanna join? click HERE !

  Your Girl Bestfriend : Aminah, Amalin, Amaal, Farah :)
 Your Boy Bestfriend : Takde. :3
 Your Nickname : Alin, Afina
 Your Favourite Food : Western food and nasi goreng pattaya xD
 Your Favourite Drink : Orange Juice
 Do You Have Mental Problems : LOL. nopee of course -.-'
 Something You Can't Live Without : Internet, phone
 Last Person You Called : My mom
 Your Birthday : 1st Sept. 1996
 Someone You Love : God, Prophet, Parents, Friends, and..... Zzz
 Someone You Hate : Someone who hates me ._.
 Last Text Said : take care. *lol :3*
 Your Super Bestfriend : AMINAH :D
 Do You Believe In God? : Of course I am ! :O
 Would You Take You Ex Back? : What?! OHH. NEVER !
 Someone You Miss : My grandma :(
 Last Person That Made You Laugh *sertakan tarikh kalau boleh* : That guy. 5 Dec. 2012. xD
 Your Favourite Song : A  beauty and a beat - JB
 Is 2012 Are The Best Year Of Your Life : Yep :D
 Do You Like Malay Food : Yeah.
 How Old Are You : 16 - this year :3
 Do You Regret Anything From Your Past ? : Nopee.
 Where Do You Want To Honeymoon ? : Holland, Aussie. :O
 Do You Believe In True Love : Yes. OMG. I'm just under age ._.
 What Is Your Attitude : My sis said that I'm a lazy, annoying, andd.. mengada-ngada. =..='
 Are You Scared Of GHOST? : Yes. a bitt. HAHA ! :D
 What Is Your Status ? (Single / Taken / Married / Divorced / What ? ) : SECRET. Ehhh.
 Have You Ever Broke Someone's Heart? : Yes, maybe :(
 Who Is Your Favourite Singer ? : One Direction. Taylor Swift. Cher Lloyd.
 What is your favourite colour ? : Pink ! and blue.

That's all. bye. :D


Yanie Andierah said... #cek link sini yaaa:)

Nyue said...

nyue singgah n follow sini...salam perkenalan...

nyue pon jujur baca jawapan..fuhh.penatt..eheh

dari segmen yg sama :)